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Washing and Dyeing Machine

  • Denim Dyeing Machine

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    Denim Dyeing Machine

    All-round industrial dyeing washing machine, all stainless steel closed cavity, strong corrosion resistance. Water, intake and drainage using double into the double, high efficiency. According to the needs of the process can choose stepless speed control device.Read More

  • Fabric Dyeing Machine

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    Fabric Dyeing Machine

    The machine is a horizontal cylinder, both inside and outside the cylinder are made of high quality stainless steel plate, smooth, corrosion-resistant, no damage to the fabric.Read More

  • Stainless Steel Dyeing Machine

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    Stainless Steel Dyeing Machine

    The machine can be made according to user requirements of all-quality stainless steel dyeing machine, inside and outside the drum, the fuselage on both sides of the board, the protection board are selected acid-resistant high-quality stainless steel plate production, more...Read More

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