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Industrial Big Capacity Electric 100kg Clothes Tumble Dryer

Full computer control, automatic cold hit, easy to operate, stainless steel drum, overload protection.


100 kg industrial large capacity electric heating dryer
Full computer control, automatic cold hit, easy to operate, stainless steel drum, overload protection.

100 kg industrial large-capacity electric heating dryer product description
1, the machine fabric into the door is larger, easy to take fabric, and is equipped with transparent tempered glass, at any time to see the internal fabric flip and drying.
2, the machine heat exchanger with copper, aluminum material, drying fast, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption.
3, the machine structure for the cabinet type, compact structure, can be used to install a narrow place, the inner cylinder made of stainless steel, durable.
4, the inner tube rotation of the control circuit using electronic program control, work, according to the beginning of a stop in a reverse order of repeated automatic cycle, and timing control.


Product features and applications
1. All computer control, automatically hit the cold, easy to operate
2. Stainless steel drum, overload protection.
3. With open and stop the temperature and automatic switching device to improve thermal efficiency, temperature limit protection switch, soft start.
4. Set the drying time and temperature, bidirectional or unidirectional operation.
5. Computer using dot matrix LCD display, with Chinese and English man-machine dialogue interface, LCD display real-time machine work. During the operation, there are digital tube and Chinese display.
6. Advanced technology drive, reasonable structure, to mute, heavy drive system, high load door.
7. Hot and cold air selection process is particularly suitable for high-grade clothing fabrics, wrinkle-free, anti-winding cylinder design, capillary fiber removal system, clothing effect is more ideal

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