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The Installation Operation Process Of The Dewatering Machine
Nov 30, 2017

1. When determining the installation position of the dewatering machine, the distance between the machine and the location of the sewer shall be set aside.

2. The dewatering machine is installed on the Flat foundation, and is fixed by the ground angle screw, when the concrete casts, must leave the $number, the deep 400 anchor Bolt installs the hole first.

3. Install the dehydration machine, use the level meter to check the level of machines.

4. After checking the level, the anchor screws should be poured into the cement hard block containing 1:3, need to be evenly (not too fierce) tighten the screw nut, the same time using the level of horizontal instrument inspection, nut tightening and after the level of inspection, under the foot of the cement, and then to the nearby foundation surface repair.