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Safety Alarm For Large Washing Machine Equipment
Nov 30, 2017

First, the large washing machine equipment to be explosion-proof: Some clothes are now containing solvents, easy to cause an explosion in the washing process, so in the washing of such clothing to pay special attention to safety, it is worth indicating that the use of steam heating must be The use of steam safety valve, or steam pressure exceeds the limit can also cause an explosion, resulting in life-threatening casualties.

Second, large washing machine equipment to be anti-scald: In order to achieve a better cleaning effect, the washing water must be heated, so large-scale washing machine equipment door temperature will be very high, if the direct touch will cause scalds, it is best to wait for a Wait for the door temperature to decrease before opening the door.

Third, the large washing machine equipment to be anti-electric shock: large washing machine equipment washing process, press the program button, should not be used wet hand operation, it is easy to electric shock; other distribution switch due to prolonged opening and closing will produce different degrees of wear and tear , If not in time to change the contact may also lead to electric shock.

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