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Maintenance Of Dual-purpose Washing Machine
Nov 30, 2017

In the working state, the maintenance of the dual-purpose machine should pay attention to the following problems:

1. The use of washing machine, should be in accordance with the use of the manual operation of washing machines to avoid unnecessary failures;

2. For the user scaling to the dual-purpose machine environment water pressure and voltage also have a certain demand, in the use of washing machines, the pressure should not be too low, because the water pressure is too low, the slow flow will affect the intake valve and motor service life. Users of high-rise residences should try to avoid using the washing-off machine during peak water use;

3. The use of hot water washing clothing, water temperature should not exceed 45 ℃ to prevent damage to the washing machine drum.

4. Washing machines should be used as far as possible within the prescribed washing capacity. Because, washing capacity over the assembly to increase the burden of motor, reduce the service life of the washing machine.