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Industrial Washing Machine Leakage What's Going On
Nov 30, 2017

1. The liquid in the bucket is electrically charged, which is caused by the connection of the wheel axle and the electrified part, which should focus on checking the insulation and leaking phenomenon of the electric device in the bucket, until the fault is eliminated.

2. The shell is charged, the shell should check whether the power cord is damaged by the skin, the copper wire is exposed, the leakage parts are used for insulating tape, and the capacitor itself should be replaced.

3. Electromagnetic induction caused by inductive electricity, at this time, even if the industrial washing machine insulation is very good, with test can also detect the glow phenomenon, usually a small amount of energy, will not be harmful to personal safety, the elimination of inductive electrical methods are as follows: first, the industrial washing machine ground connection; Plug the original insert into the ground hole into the FireWire hole.

4. Static electricity is the result of strong electrostatic induction of industrial washing machine, the energy is larger, serious person will give a strong electric shock, eliminate static electricity There are two methods, one change belt or belt pulley, the second will be soaked in water for 2 hours or so, remove to dry water, reload can.