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The reason why the washing equipment cannot leave the steam
Nov 30, 2017

Washing equipment in the washing machine in the cleaning of dirty linen, in order to improve decontamination capacity, will use steam to the washing equipment heating; there are winters when the temperature is too low will affect the quality of washing, at this time also need steam heating to achieve the washing quality.

Drying equipment in the washing equipment in the drying cloth grass, the need for steam to improve the temperature of the cloth grass, has reached the water atomization in the grass, and then to achieve the purpose of drying.

The ironing equipment in the washing equipment is also inseparable from the steam, the ironing machine using steam in addition to the effect of increasing the temperature can also I keep ironing linen in the best humidity.

Other auxiliary in the washing equipment will also be used in the steam, such as hot table, Portrait machine and so on.

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