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Methods of use of industrial washing machines
Nov 30, 2017

1. Put the laundry into the silo (double cabin pay attention to uniform clothing), lock the rotary door, and then close the outer tube door. (Note: Put the clothing should be appropriate, not too much or too little, so as not to affect the washing efficiency and washing quality.) )

2. First open the water valve, when the influent in place, and then open the steam valve and the water valve closed, the temperature to reach the required temperatures, the steam valve closed. (Washing cotton fabric water temperature is generally 60-70 ℃, washing man-made fiber, silk for 30-40 ℃.) )

3. Add detergent, generally 20-25 grams per kg plus detergent.

4. Connect the power, start the machine, rotate the drum according to the ' forward-stop-reverse ' automatic cycle.

5. Washing is finished, the sewage will be released, hand-held only to open the valve, the sewage discharged, and then close the valve.

6. Put in clean water cleaning, general cleaning 1-3 times, 1-10 minutes each time, until bleaching wash.

7. Clean finish, drain and stop. So when the drum door is not external to the cylinder door, then the point is movable to positive.

8. Cut off the power supply, power led off, can open the door to take clothes. Turn the door open and push the safety latch to hold open the revolving door and remove the clothes.