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Laundry Equipment Maintenance
Nov 30, 2017

1. Once a month or every wash 30 times or so to the machine after the Oil cup pressure injection run funny (3rd lithium base lubricating oil).

2. Because of the high vibration frequency when the machine is dehydrated, it is necessary to check the bearing seat, door hinge, motor seat and connector to ensure safety.

3. Check the bottom of the bearing seat is unblocked to ensure the bearing seat without water, prolong bearing life.

4. Check the V regularly to see if there is a loosening of the phenomenon, regular v.

5. Laundry equipment in the electrical box to check the wiring, relays are loose, there is no dust accumulation.

6. Gas source processor should be regularly water, oil mist should be supplemented in a timely manner No. 10th mechanical Oil.