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50kg Sanitary Barrier Washer Extractor

Hospital with isolation washing machine, medical gauze dryer, hospital washing machine, elution one machine.


50 kg health isolation elution machine
Hospital with isolation washing machine, medical gauze dryer, hospital washing machine, elution one machine.


50 kg hygienic isolated elution product description
Sanitary Isolated Washing Easily Avoid Cross Infection:

First of all, from the equipment to take advanced sanitary isolation washing machine. Back to the back of the two machine doors, so that the loading of the cloth and the release of clean linen from two different doors out of the door, from the source to avoid cross infection. Washing equipment
Secondly, due to the use of isolation washing machine, so that the installation of the middle wall made possible, so as to achieve the pollution area and clean area and other functional areas of the division, completely blocked the secondary pollution;
Third, the clean area and the pollution of the staff and the independent allocation of equipment, linen one-way flow, coupled with the air pressure flow design, more completely to avoid the second cross-contamination.


Product characteristics and applications
1. Using touch-type programmable microcomputer control, large screen dot matrix LCD display, the whole Chinese man-machine dialogue interface, can achieve the initial wash, washing, disinfection, over-clearing, bleaching, laundry and so on;
2. Full suspension of automatic washing dehydration;
3. used in washing down jacket, blankets, and other water laundry;
4. With self-diagnostic function, perfect security protection system, the detection point from the maintenance function;
5. Excellent function, the application of a wide range of applicable to the laundry, dry cleaners, washing Square and other places for washing cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber, leather and other clothing, fabric washing and dyeing and washing equipment;
6. Transfer to stainless steel plate refined, durable, wear-resistant decay.

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